The following rules apply to the 2021 and 2022 Golden Valley Late Hatch (GVLH) Race


1)     Race will be the day before Gala, weather permitting.


2) Race committee makes all decisions, they will not be allowed to enter

    the race, nor will anyone affiliated with GVLH be allowed to enter the race. 


     3) Perch fees will be $100 per bird, $300 for four birds and $500 for 7

         birds, after 7 birds, each additional bird is $75. Fees must be received on or

        before the birdís arrival to GVLH loft with attached shipping form. 


    4)  Entry fee $275 per bird, any bird not activated, becomes the property

        of the GVLHR. The bird will be sold and become the property of the buy, any

        money won by the bird, will go to the buyer ($25 of the entry fee will go directly

        to the  400 mile race 2 weeks after the final race). 


   5) Final Race Station is Gallop, New Mexico. 


   6) If the price money is $600 or more, no money will be given out without

       a W-9 or verification of Social Security # of the winner submitted to GVLH. 


   7) Birds need to arrive at 1661 S. Egar Rd, Golden Valley, AZ, between

       the 1st of June 2021 and the 31st of August 2021. Replacement birds accepted by

      the 15th of September, 2021.

       8) All birds will be vaccinated for PMV upon arrival, Pox later. 


   9) 100% of the entry fee will be given back to owners, if their birds do   not make it to the 175 mile race.


10) There will be a $100 entry fee for the 400 mile race. 


11) To make payments ,send a check to Golden Valley Late Hatch Race, at

       1661 S Egar Rd, Golden Valley, AZ, 86413, or PayPal (

       Checks must arrive no later than 1 week prior to the race. Please see the attached form. 


12) Unclaimed birds become property of GVLHR 30 days after the final

        race. $70 shipping per box, plus $10 per bird after the 3rd bird. 


13) 5% of the entry fee is given to the City of Hope, and 10% to the GVLHR. 


14) Activation entry must be in after 100 miles toss, will have average

      speed purse for $50.